December 2016

Link Building

Link Building Strategies 2017 Without efficient off-page optimisation, on-page optimisation has little impact. Ensuring link building is vital to the success of any business. Some tactics to employ in order to accumulate backlinks are discussed below. The key to success is variation and credibility. As you accumulate quality links, you’re simultaneously increasing the credibility and therefore[…]

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schema markup

Schema markup is vital to boost your web page in the SERP organically. Schema markup is basically code that tells the search engine not just what content your page has, but what your content means. This minimises ambiguity and allows crawlers to categorise your site more accurately. Using’s example, let’s say you have a[…]

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HTTPS everywhere

Your online world starts with HTTP aka hypertext transfer protocol. It is the base protocol that the Internet is built on. With HTTPS being encrypted within either transport layer security or secure sockets layer. Whenever your device sends an unencrypted HTTP request, it reveals something about what you are doing, and it is now common[…]

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