3 Reasons Why Outsourcing an SEO Agency is the Best Choice

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Outsourcing SEO

3 Reasons Why SEO Outsourcing an Agency is the Best Choice

Consider the following before hiring in-house rather then SEO Outsourcing:

  1. Talent. Stay focused on your business and the initial reason your business is in the industry it is by hiring an agency. An agency’s sole focus is to ensure the success of the client. Comprehensive knowledge of market trends coupled with innovative and superior marketing techniques are the fundamentals of a good agency.
  2. Simplicity. Hiring an experienced agency means you will get right down to business. Furthermore, an agency reduces the barriers to entry. Think about the valuable time and resources spent to build an entirely new team. Not only salary but retirement plans, insurance and severance packages take weeks if not months to negotiate. Skip the
    daunting interview process, recruitment fees and increased overhead costs (think HR, accounting, bookkeeping) and find an agency that offers cutting edge techniques and market insight.
  3. ROI. A higher return is likely the catalyst for looking into ramping up your business’ marketing tactics. Employing an agency allows you to measure return on investment much more exact than hiring in-house. It is much harder to monitor and quantify the efforts of an in-house marketing team.

To summarize the benefits of hiring marketing agency vs. building an in- house team:



Lower cost

Management and staff control

Higher expertise-to-cost-ratio

Accountability to upper management

Reduced internal time and resource investment

Product/ service familiarity

Full spectrum skill set customized to meet individual needs

Person-specific skill set

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