5 Ways to Repurpose Old Content

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5 Ways to Repurpose Old Content

The biggest brands in the world know the importance of content marketing. That’s why Coca-Cola spends more money on content creation than it does on television advertising. Content is everywhere, and it’s more important than ever that marketers have an effective content marketing strategy in place. A comprehensive content marketing strategy can increase conversion rates by an average of six hundred per cent.

However, while in theory content marketing sounds great, continuously coming up with new ideas on things to create content around can be challenging.

The good news is: you don’t always need something new to talk about. You invest so much time and energy into creating the blog posts, articles and videos that you post. All of that can be reused with content repurposing. Repurposing content is simply using content and ideas that you already have, but presenting it in a different way.

The best place to start is by identifying the content that currently performs well for your business. A quick look on Google Analytics can show you your most read blogs, most listened to podcasts and most viewed videos. These can all be reimagined and presented in a number of different ways.

The following are some of the most effective ways to start repurposing your content.

  1. Republish Content on a Different Platform

If you have just created a new social profile for your business, one of the easiest ways to start sharing content to your profile is to reuse content that has previously performed well for you. Republishing for a new platform is as simple as adjusting a blog post’s title, tone and images to suit the new audience.

  1. Create Graphics from Quotes & Statistics

A study by BuzzSumo found that articles with images every 75–100 words got double the number of shares than those with images every 75 or fewer words. You can apply this information to your advantage in your campaigns by taking the quotes and statistics that you already have in your blog posts and turning them into images. This can be done very quickly and easily using free image creation tools such as Canva.

This gives the content a different feel, and rather than looking at a block of text, readers may prefer to skim the headlines, read the important parts and look at graphics. A bonus with these graphics is that they can be shared as standalone pieces of content across social media.

  1. Create an Infographic

An infographic is like a quote or statistic graphic, but a bit more complex. Infographics typically present several related stats and quotes in one image graphics. To create an infographic, all you have to do is take the quotes and stats out of an existing article and put them together in a visually appealing way. As it is more visually appealing, your audience may actually prefer to consume the content in this way. In fact, according to a study from Search Engine Journal, an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a text article.

  1. Release Podcasts that are Based on Popular Posts

Podcasts are gaining in popularity and, as such, can be a great way to reach a new audience that enjoys consuming this kind of content. The most logical place to start with a podcast is with your most popular posts and videos. These can be repurposed into insightful podcast episodes. In addition, once your podcast is up and running, it can be useful to add a link to the relevant episode in the original blog post to give website visitors another option for digesting your content.

Similarly, if you already have a podcast set up, you can create an insightful blog post based on your podcast by simply transcribing the episode and adding extra information on the topic.

  1. Create Case Studies from Data & Testimonials

Case studies are an excellent way to communicate a recommendation from a happy customer with your audience. Most established companies will have a number of satisfied customers and success stories that they can use to build a case study. When written well, a case study gives your business the chance to share insights about your products or services from a client’s perspective, which can be instrumental in convincing new clients to come on board.

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