6 Tips to Strengthen Your Relationship with Clients

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If you’ve ever been in a position where you need to build and strengthen relationships with clients, you’d be able to differentiate a fruitful, trusting relationship from a confusing, confrontational one. A great relationship between clients and providers will result in more productive, efficient teamwork, which will produce satisfying outcomes. On the other hand, a relationship that lacks clarity, connection, and trust will allow for more mistakes and miscommunications to happen, which will massively affect the outcomes more negatively. 

Having underlined the importance of building and strengthening relationships with clients, this article will list down the top 6 tips on how to do just that. 

Understand Each Other’s Workflow Processes

The most common source of miscommunication stems from the lack of understanding of how each party works. For instance, a client may have had a massive security breach previously, and therefore, requires even the smallest changes to be sent for approval. Some providers may not be used to requesting approval for every little detail. However, for a smooth teamwork process, both parties need to understand each other and be willing to compromise on some points. 

Ask for Feedback Regularly

As experts within a field, it’s easy to slip into the slippery slope of “We know best.” Whether that statement is true or not, keep in mind that when working with clients, they have a say when making choices. Some will go further and even propose that clients have the final say on decisions that affect their businesses. 

On the other hand, it would be highly regarded if clients are willing to ask for feedback and opinions from their providers on relevant topics. Having a relationship where both parties care for each other’s professional opinions would push for a more synergistic outcome. 

Prioritise Honesty and Transparency

Honesty is the best policy in both interpersonal and professional lives. A survey has shown that 90% of respondents perceive honesty as a good trait in others. Being honest simply means no difference between the words you say and the reality of things. This includes not overpromising, overcommitting, or lying in any shape, form, or way. A relationship with no honesty in it will not last for long, as disappointments, confusion, and feelings of betrayal can easily seep in. 

Remain Human

It’s easy to always interact with both clients and providers professionally. Most people assume that being professional means being strict, not sharing personal information, having no humour, and no mistakes. On the contrary, being professional does not only entail the possession of skills, however, it also includes adaptability and the capability to connect to other individuals. 

After all, we are all humans in need of each other. 

This simply means that if you just so happen to know the perfect vacation itinerary for the country your client is flying to, then feel free to share it! A healthy dose of humour is also a good way to keep work fun and create a bond with clients. 

Exceed Expectations

When possible, aim to give more than what was requested by the client. After all, a good provider will want to exceed the client’s expectations, as this is a good way to extend the relationship further. Overpromising is never recommended, but overdelivering is. Find practical ways that you can do to add more value to your clients. 

Own Your Mistakes (and Provide Solutions) 

As humans, it is only normal that we make mistakes in both personal and professional settings. What sets some people apart from others is the ability to stand up, own their mistakes, and find applicable solutions for them. This is a trait that is not only beneficial but also preferred when it comes to professional relationships.

Occasionally, both providers and clients are bound to make mistakes in the forms of forgetfulness, miscommunication, lack of details, and many others. The key here is to be accountable for them, provide actionable solutions, and ensure the same mistakes do not happen again. 


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