8 Sites, a Twitter Chat and an Article to help your SEO for 2017

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So all you need to do is Google SEO resources and you could drown in the amount of content you will find about SEO. For a lot of small and medium size businesses it is already too much. There is a wealth of resources online for SEO. These are sites that we have point our clients to when they want to learn more about SEO.

I wouldn’t call it a top 10 list but it several of them are big names in content marketing and SEO.  These websites have great resources for those learning SEO and as well as for those whom SEO is their job. You’ll learn not just how get on the first page (of Google) but how to convert those views into new customers.


This is Neil Patel who started his own business more than a decade ago and he learned SEO in the trenches doing it himself for his businesses. How he’s committed himself to helping others do the same through his blog and courses. Just reading his blog will be a valuable insight into how to use SEO to help your business grow.


The Search Engine Journal posts every day about what’s going on in the world of SEO, search, and content marketing. It has great resources for beginners and is a great place to check out what’s going on now in the SEO industry.


Moz is one of those websites where the industry’s voodoo doctors offer their advice and best practices in the ever-changing SEO marketplace. Although their business is to help you drive more traffic and or convert those leads their resources are informative and will set you on the right path in your SEO journey.


Do you want to know what’s going on with Google’s algorithm (maybe Bing’s) or how to optimize your Google Adwords campaign? Then Search Engine Land the website has all the latest news about what’s going on in SEO and how it effects you and your website.


SEO by the Seawas Started in Cali by Bill Slawski offers news and advice on what’s happening at Google and in the world of SEO in general. As of this writing one of their recent posts goes into how Google may rank events in the future outside of links themselves. This is the type of insights they provide, that show you a glimpse into what Google may add search in the future.


The SEO book has a lot of resources made for people just getting started learning SEO. They have a list of free tools and information for those people looking to learn more all the SEO basics. It’s done in a way to help you learn the basics and expand your knowledge.


Brian Dean started Backlinko.com 2012 after having gone through a few online businesses himself, learning the science and art of SEO ever since 2008. His site has some interesting tips and tactics that mix it up between both the black and what hats to create a grey one or you could say the best of both.


We all know that Google is the Search Engine but that doesn’t mean it’s the only search engine. There is Bing and Yahoo as well as social networks and their own search systems that the Search Engine Roundtable covers so you get a good grasp what’s going on outside Google.


OK if you are on Twitter then you should follow the #seochat hashtag. There are a lot of pros of the SEO world who participate regularly and when there are in the middle of a chat can and do respond in real-time.

The Who’s Who of SEO (some of them anyway)


Want to know who some of the biggest hitters are in SEO this post by Pat Parkinson has 50 of them. It is just a small number of the heavy hitters but it’s a good way to connect with some of them. Really the list could be double this and you would still just be scratching the surface.

These are interesting because it shows you the Start of Google and then to how it sees SEO today:


This is more for those who are curious about the start of Google. This is a version of Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page’s paper on how they saw the challenge of indexing the web.  It gives you the basic framework that Google was based on and how different the web is from then to now is staggering, amazing and inspiring for what it has done for everyone that is now connected and gets connected in the future.


While this is a version of how to optimize your website for Google as of 2010 and although that was decades ago in Internet time the principles haven’t changed. As in write for people not for the search engine. Post engaging content, engage with your users and be honest about who you are. That’s how Google is working for the reader, by focusing on the reader for the values that are the foundation of what Google has built.

By creating great content and magnifying it using SEO you create new opportunities for you and your business. SEO is always changing and these sites will help you so you don’t get left behind. They give you the tools and resources to learn the SEO basics or hone your expertise.

They are sites, chats and resources we refer back to here at the Digital Squad and hope you learn as much as we have from them. Happy holidays to everyone out there, hope your 2016 was full of exceeded expectations and learned lessons. I know the Digital Squad has learned that pace will only accelerate in 2017, see you there.

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