Backlinks – Quality over Quantity

By Shane Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Comments Off on Backlinks – Quality over Quantity


The SEO landscape is constantly changing as Googles continues to improve its algorithm to make search results more relevant. Over the last 16 months, more emphasis has been put on having quality backlinks from sites with high Pagerank (PR) and Domain Authority ( DA) which indicates the level of trust Google has placed on these sites. On the contrary, the Penguin series of updates is penalising sites which have a high ratio of low quality links to high quality ones. The bad news for SEO companies which have been using this frowned upon tactic (which at one point was very effective) is that Google will now be penalising these sites in real time, with the added capability to ban pages on a domain instead of the entire domain if spammy inbound links are detected.

The future of running an effective link-building campaign is to produce high quality , hand-written and authentic content  as a subject matter expert. With machine learning AI, Google has placed emphasis on articles written for customers rather than SEO. Good articles which have expert insight and create the distinction that you’re an industry leader will naturally lead to more customer engagement which is one of the most metrics for SEO.

Final word – content is key, write often and create fresh ideas, tips and insights which engage customers and don’t forget to add in social share buttons to everything you publish.

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