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reputation management basics

The relationship between businesses and consumers is closer than ever before. Brands can livestream their office, answer questions within seconds, and send a tweet before forming a complete thought. This social, often more casual relationship can be great for business…until consumers know too much, or have access to inaccurate or defamatory information. Take the infamous[…]

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The world of shopping, including luxury purchases or everyday errands, has dramatically changed with the evolution of ecommerce. Ecommerce is a huge opportunity for retailers around the globe to reach customers and streamline the customer experience. As ecommerce continues to grow and evolve, current trends are starting to heavily influence the customer experience and what[…]

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Are You Making these Eight B2B Marketing Mistakes?

Your business doesn’t need us to tell you that B2B marketing has drastically changed with the digital age. B2B marketing has shifted from an outbound to an inbound strategy. Leads don’t come in the way that they used to, and conversion requires more than just a few phone calls and well-placed ads. Digital marketing teases[…]

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