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seo agency

In today’s digital age, having a solid online existence is critical for companies of all sizes. With consumers resorting to internet search engines for information, products, and services, it’s more crucial than ever before to guarantee that your business is visible and obtainable on the web. That’s where an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency comes[…]

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Semantic Search

Semantic search is a data technique where a search engine doesn’t just look at the keywords of a search query but determines the intent and contextual meaning of the words behind the search. Using semantic search, search engines can provide more meaningful search results as they evaluate and understand the search phrase to find the[…]

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audiences in google campaign

For years, paid search platforms have been working on improving their audience targeting and segmenting abilities. This resulted in a significant shift in targeting from keywords to an “audience first” mentality last year. Now, the two biggest search engine players, Google and Bing, are pushing advertisers to use audience targeting options to benefit their campaigns. While[…]

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