Conversion Rate Optimisation(CRO) – 7 Tips for Beginners

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What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?

So you’ve got all your ducks in a row with regards to SEO, Google Adwords and your Social Media Marketing strategy. These are some of the fundamental ways to drive traffic to your website. But you need your visitors to convert to achieve success. This is where CRO comes into play.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is a process of getting your visitors to convert once they’ve arrived at your website. Conversion doesn’t necessarily mean a sale; it could mean any action that you want your visitor to experience. This could be downloading an e-book, a video, signing up to a newsletter or just about anything that you’re willing to offer.



Lets’ discuss a few ways to improve your website’s CRO;

 1)Reduce the amount of Form Fields on your website.

Always strive towards a website that delivers a great user experience for your visitors. The moment your visitor is required to add a lot of details on your website, they could simply leave your website and never give you a moment’s thought again. Neil Patel provides some great pointers on increasing your CRO in this post called; 7 Ways to Increase Your Form Field Conversion Rate (by Up to 672%)

 2)Include a video on your web page

People appreciate videos of what your product can do. If your product is complicated, an instructional video is a great way to get people interested in your product. The key is to keep it short. A maximum length video of 3 minutes is fine as most people won’t watch it to the end. Treat it in the same manner as your elevator pitch – Getting your message across in a short space of time.

 3)Show pricing on your webpage

People tend to think if a price is not listed that the product or service is probably expensive. This also brings about the image of having to talk to a salesperson before getting a price. According to Siddharth Deswell’s post called; Prominent price display increases leads generated by 100%, showing the price on your website increases CRO by 100%.

 4)Add the Word “FREE” to your CTA

Most people love free stuff and the best way to get people to convert is by enticing them with a freebie. Kevin Lynch wrote in 5 Ways to Improve the CRO of Free Trial Landing Pages that Netflix was built on free trial versions of the subscription.

 5)Fine tuning your CTA button to work for your target market

From choosing the correct colour to making sure that the CTA is positioned above the fold dramatically increases your CRO. Neil Patel’s blog post called; 100 Conversion Optimisation Case Studies, provides in depth case studies to prove how changing certain elements on your website could result in CRO increasing for your business.

 6)Show your phone number on your website

This opens the channel of communication and allows prospects to contact you. In addition it sets their mind at ease that the company does exist and is not taking them for a ride.

 7)Respond to client’s messages on the ‘Contact us’ form

You’ve lured your ideal avatar by placing all that effort into directing them to your website. You’ve asked them to scroll through your well thought out and laid out website. They decide to send you a message via the contact us form. Your system automatically sends a message to your prospect that you will be in touch… Then you don’t!

There’s no point in directing traffic to your website if you’re not going to attend to their message. Make sure that you check for messages regularly and respond promptly to land a client that is likely going to be so impressed and keeps coming back.

While those are some of the steps you could take to assist with Conversion Rate Optimisation, it is important to realize that those are not the only factors to take into consideration.

Consistent A/B Testing is vital even if you think that your CRO is at its best and need no further tweaking. People differ, their needs and wants change and so too will their purchasing decisions change. Testing could involve changing items such as text, text format and layout as well as those of images and videos. Sometimes a simple word in the bottom left hand corner could do the trick. These are just some of the elements that could be used as part of the testing process.

Daily monitoring of your target metrics assists with establishing your position from your set goal. Therefore tracking is the ideal method of staying in the loop with regards to your Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategy.

CRO is an ongoing process that helps you maximise the Return on Investment (ROI) of your outbound or inbound marketing campaign. A 1% improvement in conversion rate per week compounded over months can have a dramatic improvement in your top and bottom line.

If your current website isn’t working out due to poor organic visibility or poor conversion rate, get in touch with our team today on 0800 111 246 and find out how we can help you dominate your competition with Google Adwords, SEO and CRO. We are a b2b marketing agency with knowledge in local SEO Auckland and we know just how to boost your CRO. Give us a buzz and we’ll help you capitalise on your digital presence!

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