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Get real, actionable insights with Digital Squad's data analysis. We precisely track and report on metrics like click-through rates, traffic sources, bounce rates, engagement, conversion rates and cost-per-click to demonstrate real-time return on investment.

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At Digital Squad, we don’t believe in the dichotomy of a creative marketing strategy and a data-driven marketing strategy.

To us, an engaging marketing campaign and a data-driven strategy go hand in hand.

As New Zealand’s leading data analysts, we specialise in ROI driven digital marketing campaigns that are backed by world-class performance tracking and reporting.

Not only do our digital campaign managers keep a real-time finger on the pulse of your online marketing campaigns, we continually course-correct all marketing strategies as soon as statistically significant results are obtained each week. On average, that’s 4-6 times more campaign updates than your average marketing agency!

Get started by talking to our digital marketing and data analytics specialists today and see how we’ve helped New Zealand’s fastest growing businesses dominate their competition with cutting edge reporting and powerful ROI driven decision making.

2019 Data and Analytics Statistics

The Power of Data Analytics

Real, measurable results

40% of companies say their biggest marketing challenge is proving the ROI of marketing activities. With our regular reporting, you can keep an eye on every rise and fall.

The right priority

According to an IBM survey, one of the top four priorities for CMOs is to “inject data-driven insights into every marketing decision.”

The importance of data

Companies that don’t regularly maintain their database see 34% lower conversion rates. By updating data constantly, we can bolster your conversion rates and profits.

Measurable ROI

By using data in your marketing and sales efforts, you can enjoy a potential 15-20% rise in marketing ROI

Data and analytics can be utilised to make better business and marketing decisions. Data has real-life value, and offers you the opportunity to constantly better yourself.

How Can Data and Analytics Help You?

Digital Squad monitor and track relevant metrics to produce valuable insights for your business. We provide demonstrable results in the form of jargon-free reports that we present clearly and honestly to you at regular intervals.

 Some of the metrics we track to deliver results are:

Click Through and Conversion Rates
Bounce Rate
Engagement (Likes, Shares & Comments)
Unique Visitors & Page Views

Data can be a nightmare to collect and interpret, with there being a myriad of factors to look at. Once you’ve finally dug up all the data, you’re tasked with the challenge of making sense of it all and acting on it! Digital Squad will take care of the data-crunching for you, driving results with our insights.

Of course, you cannot measure success without defining your goals first. Digital Squad begin our work by consulting with you to determine your goals so that you can clearly see when your investment is paying off. Some goals we commonly work on include generating brand awareness, getting more traffic, driving sales, getting leads or increasing market share.

Our complete suite of digital marketing services including SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing and more will you help you reach these goals and measure outcomes.

Some of the most valuable metrics include CTR, conversion rates, engagement, bounce rate, cost-per-click and traffic source. Armed with this knowledge, we can help you identify the strategies that are working and eliminate those that aren’t.

Additionally, our transparent reports and candid conversations provide you with complete peace of mind that your hard-earned money is going into revenue-generating campaigns. With our data-driven insights, we obtain the digital intel needed to generate real results.

How We Utilise Data to Drive Results

Data allows you to see what your website visitors want. With multiple factors to analyse such as gender, age and location, you can determine who your product or service most appeals to. Other valuable data is also at your fingertips, such as your visitors’ interests and the device and browser they used.

By getting to know your visitors, you can create content and copy that they are drawn to, even creating custom pages for a personalised experience.

Traditionally, businesses would set prices based on product cost, competitor pricing, perceived value and demand. Now, you can use data from incentives, completed deals and performance to set more accurate prices.

You may also wish to use other data like your customers’ purchasing history and disposable income. Macroeconomic factors can also influence your pricing decisions, with indicators like quarterly GDP growth, inflation, the exchange rate and government spending being worth keeping an eye on.

The more your audience can relate to content, the more likely it is to retain and convert. By tapping into the available data, we can create customised content to engage all types of visitors. Metrics such as the time spent on the page can identify what visitors are interested in, allowing you to show the most relevant content to them based on their browsing history.

By creating customised content and a personalised experience for your website visitors, Digital Squad can drive results.

By crunching all the data, we can better plan, develop, strategise, and implement future marketing campaigns. Making assumptions and educated guesses will always result in losses, while decisions based on data are informed and strategic. Better yet, analytics allows you to respond in real-time to fluctuations and failures.

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    Data Analytics FAQs

    Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool by Google where you can track the activities of a website with detailed insight into demographics, user behavior, real-time reports, campaign performance, and more.

    Major Google Analytics KPIs to look for:

    Audience Overview:
    This includes Users, New Users, Sessions, Page views, Average Session Duration, and more.
    Under Audience Overview, you can review data based on demographics, interests, geo-targeting, technology, etc.

    Acquisition Overview:
    It helps you analyse traffic from various channels like paid, referral, social, etc., and compare data in terms of acquisition, behaviour, and conversions.

    Behaviour Overview:
    All Page level details like Page views, Unique Page views, Bounce Rate, etc. come under Behaviour Overview.

    Campaigns running to get leads/conversions get tracked under the conversions section. You can check multiple goals, goal locations, source/medium, and more.

    It is an action that is important to count for your campaign. This action can be a form submission, payment submission, landing page views, etc.
    It is high-level data for your business to get insight into the campaign’s goal performance, and the engagement rate of the landing page.

    How to create a goal in Google Analytics?

    Step-1: Open your UA Account and click the ‘Settings’ button 🛞 at the bottom left corner.
    Step-2: You will see three columns: Account | Property | View.
    Step-3: Go to the Views>Goals
    Step-4: Click the +New Goal Button and proceed with the setup.
    Note: Once you create a goal, we suggest reviewing it after 3 to 4 hours.
    If a goal is not recording conversion then check your Goal Settings in UA and debug GTM Tags fired on the website/LP.

    Step-1: Open your UA Account and click the ‘Settings’ button 🛞 at the bottom left corner.
    Step-2: You will see three columns: Account | Property | View.
    Step-3: Go to the Property>Product Links> Google Ads Links
    Step-4: Click the +New Link Group and proceed with the configuration of the google ads link with UA and Save.

    Here are some comparison points that will help you understand GA4.
    In the Universal Analytics (UA), we have a measuring model that includes Page View, Sessions, Events, Transactions, etc. But in GA4, a measuring model includes only events and parameters. Any action is labelled as event. For example, Pageview=event.
    The primary user metric in the Universal Analytics is Total Users and the primary user metric in the GA4 is Active Users.
    Conversions in UA is defined as a goal and in GA4 it is defined as the conversion event.