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What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping, formerly known as Product Listing Ads (PLAs), is a platform offered by Google that enables customers to easily search for, view, and compare products.

This type of advertising has gained rapid popularity since the platform’s launch in 2010, becoming an integral part of the digital marketing strategy of many leading brands. Google Shopping ads are perfect for eCommerce businesses, allowing their products to stand out in search results, and appear in mobile and image searches. Google Shopping ads are particularly useful for building brand awareness and credibility and can be set up as a standalone campaign or as a part of a wider digital marketing strategy.

At Digital Squad, we’re experts when it comes to Google Shopping! We’ve run hundreds of successful Google Shopping campaigns for brands throughout New Zealand and beyond. Let our award-winning team craft a customised campaign that aligns with your product and target audience and tap into the massively profitable platform that is Google Shopping Ads.

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2023 Google Shopping Statistics

Why Google Shopping is a Winning Strategy

Higher Conversion Rates

Google Shopping ads deliver impressive results, having average conversion rates 26% higher than text ads.

Drive Purchase

Google Shopping ads drive 76.4% of retail search ad spend, generating an impressive 85.3% of all clicks within Google’s extensive network.

Lower Cost Per Click

Experience more savings with Google Shopping ads, with a significantly lower cost per click – approximately 23% less than text ads.

Broader Reach

With Google Shopping, a single query can showcase multiple products, expanding the visibility of your entire product line and elevating brand awareness.

As the world’s largest search engine, Google offers digital marketers an opportunity to connect with a large and relevant audience. Generate outstanding results with Google Shopping, guided by the expertise of the Digital Squad.

How Google Shopping Works

In recent years, Google has shifted its focus towards enhancing its Shopping platform, and retailers have eagerly followed suit. Today, Google’s Shopping feature stands as one of the most effective tools for capturing the attention of consumers actively seeking to make a purchase.

These ads prove especially effective for non-branded, broad search terms that mark the beginning of a customer’s buying journey. Google Shopping ads play a pivotal role in early consumer engagement.

While text ads remain a common form of advertising, retail-focused companies are seeing a surge in new customer acquisition, thanks to Google Shopping ads. Consequently, advertisers in retail-based categories now allocate a significant portion of their budgets to Google Shopping ads over regular text ads.

Unlike text ads, Google Shopping ads are not keyword-based. They use data from Google’s Merchant Center rather than keywords in order to identify ideal ad placements. As such, all data for this type of campaign is submitted through Google’s Merchant Center. Ads are still managed in Google Ads, and Google Shopping ads actively participate in an ad auction, where advertisers are only charged whenever someone clicks.

By displaying at the top position of Google’s search results, Google Shopping ads give retailers the opportunity to show their products to potential customers at the start of their buying journey. This strategic placement directly drives conversions from the search engine results page.

What Google Shopping Can Do for Your Business

Google has one of the most comprehensive offerings of online advertising solutions for digital marketers seeking to promote their products and services. With an expansive set of tools, Google Ads offers a diverse range of methods to help businesses effectively reach their target audiences.

For businesses equipped with online selling capabilities, integrating Google Shopping into their advertising strategy is a wise move. Allocating a portion of their online budget to Google Shopping can yield remarkable results. While the premise of Google Shopping aligns with traditional Google advertising, this channel presents a number of unique advantages that can elevate your campaign’s effectiveness.

Quality of Leads

Google Shopping improves the quality of leads by providing comprehensive product information to assist shoppers in making informed purchase decisions.

Product Performance

See how your products are performing in granular detail with comprehensive data and reporting tools.

Ease of Management

Manage retail-centric campaigns seamlessly through the Google Ads platform, streamlining your advertising efforts.

Online Presence

Increase online presence by showing a number of Shopping ads, complemented by text ads in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Leave Your Google Shopping Campaign To Us

A successful Google Shopping campaign hinges on clear objectives. Whether it’s boosting sales, generating leads, or driving website traffic, we start the process with a consultation to understand your business goals. By aligning our strategy with your objectives, we ensure your Google Shopping campaign delivers measurable and meaningful results.

We want to ensure we are getting the most out of the Google Shopping campaigns by minimizing wasted clicks. To do this, we collaborate closely with our clients to pinpoint the right audience demographics and optimal ad scheduling. This strategic approach ensures your ads reach the audience when it matters most, maximising their impact.

We work with our clients to identify a realistic Google Shopping budget that will generate results. If the Shopping campaign is running alongside other Google Ads campaigns, we will provide insights into expected outcomes across campaigns. Continuously analysing clicks and conversions, we optimise all campaigns to ensure we are consistently getting the best results within your defined budget.

We can’t run a successful campaign if we don’t know what’s working. As such, setting up comprehensive conversion tracking before any campaign begins is essential. With effective tracking in place, we can get an in-depth understanding of how well the Google Shopping campaign is performing, as well as any impact that it is having on other campaigns.

As a results-focused agency, Digital Squad values transparency. We provide our clients with monthly reports, offering key data points including impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per conversion, bounce rates, and session times. Our data is presented in an easily digestible format, giving you a clear understanding of your campaign’s performance.


Learn Google Shopping the Smart Way With Digital Squad

    Google Shopping FAQs

    Google Shopping, formerly known as Product Listing Ads (PLAs), is a platform provided by Google that allows customers to search for, view, and compare products. Unlike traditional text ads, Google Shopping ads are not keyword-based but use data from Google’s Merchant Center to identify ideal ad placements. These ads appear at the top of Google search results and can drive conversions directly from the search engine results page.

    Google Shopping ads offer several advantages, including higher conversion rates (26% higher than text ads), lower cost per click (approximately 23% less than text ads), and broader product visibility. They are particularly effective for eCommerce businesses, helping products stand out in search results, mobile searches, and image searches, enhancing brand awareness and credibility.

    Google Shopping can improve the quality of leads by providing comprehensive product information, offering granular product performance data, simplifying campaign management through the Google Ads platform, and increasing online presence by combining Shopping ads with text ads in search engine results pages (SERPs).

    Digital Squad specializes in creating and managing successful Google Shopping campaigns. We follow a strategic approach:

    • Identifying campaign objectives to align with your business goals
    • Pinpointing the right audience demographics and optimal ad scheduling to minimise wasted clicks
    • Optimising bid strategies and budgets for maximum results
    • Setting up comprehensive conversion tracking to measure campaign performance
    • Providing transparent monthly reporting with key data points.

    Google Shopping ads are beneficial for a wide range of businesses, especially those with online selling capabilities. To get started, you can partner with an agency like Digital Squad, which will help you define your objectives, target the right audience, optimise your budget, and track results effectively.

    Some best practices include continuously monitoring and adjusting bid strategies, regularly updating product data in Google’s Merchant Center, using high-quality images and product descriptions, segmenting products for better targeting, and staying updated with Google’s latest features and recommendations.

    Yes, Google Shopping is available internationally, and you can target specific geographic regions based on your target audience. Digital Squad can assist in setting up geo-targeting to reach the right customers in your desired locations.