How to Improve Your Ad Relevance for Facebook Ads

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How to Improve Your Ad Relevance for Facebook Ads

Facebook is constantly working on trying to show their users the ads that are most appropriate for them. As such, relevance is a big factor in determining how Facebook ads are delivered. The Social Media platform says that ‘taking relevance into account helps ensure that people see ads that matter to them, leading to a better experience for people and businesses alike.’

By improving your Ad Relevance, you can not only ensure that your ad is being shown to the right people, but that you are making the most of your Facebook advertising budget by spending it on the right placements. 

How Does Facebook Determine Ad Relevance?

You can’t improve the relevance of your Facebook ads if you don’t know where the score comes from. The ‘relevance’ of an ad is determined based on a number of factors:

  • Performance: Facebook looks at definite metrics such as clicks, video views and landing page visits to evaluate the relevance of an ad. If someone is interacting with it, it is likely to be relevant to them.
  • Content: Facebook will look at the keywords within an ad and how they align with targeting to determine how relevant they are.
  • User Feedback: Users are asked to leave feedback on the ads that they have interacted with. If your ads get a lot of negative reviews, their relevance score will drop.


How to Improve the Relevance of Your Ads

1) Know Your Audience

The most important part of any marketing campaign is to know exactly who you are targeting. By tailoring your communications to the people that you are targeting, you can improve the relevance of your ads. With Facebook ads, you have the ability to target by demographics, interests, life events, usage data, and custom audiences. It pays to make the most of these targeting options. The best way to target your ads to your specific audience(s) is to create buyer personas that reflect your target group’s biggest concerns, requirements and pain points, and craft messaging and creative around this.


2) Target Specific Groups

As touched on above, the easiest way to increase the relevance of your ads is to be specific with your targeting by ensuring that each ad is targeted towards a smaller sub-segment of your audience. Reduce the reach of your ads by excluding irrelevant locations and only showing your ads to people who meet certain criteria, like those with specific interests, or those who ‘like’ a certain Facebook page. Retargeting can also be extremely effective across Facebook. You can also make use of lookalike audiences to reach a wider audience that is still relevant to your business.


3) Exclude Users Who Have Previously Converted

Someone who has already converted on your site is unlikely to engage with your ads and convert again. For example, they may have already purchased your product, downloaded your eBook or signed up for your Newsletter, so they are unlikely to repeat that action again while your campaign is running. This means that when they see your ads again, they are unlikely to click on them and may even choose to ‘Hide Ad’, which will have a negative impact on your relevance score. As such, it makes sense to stop showing your ads to these people. You can easily exclude users who have previously converted using custom audience targeting.


4) Include a Call-to-Action

The level of engagement with your ad will significantly impact your relevance score, as it is an effective indication that the user is interested in your business’ products or services. To get the most clicks on your ad, you have to encourage the audience to click. To do this, tell them what they will gain from clicking on your ad, for example, say “Click Now to Accelerate Your Marketing With Tips from Our Ebook”.


5) Create a Sense of Urgency

According to the Wall Street Journal, the initial excitement that drives impulse buying will typically subside after roughly twenty minutes. This means that you need to encourage your audience to take action while they still feel that excitement. This can be done using certain phrases in the ad copy by including time limits, such as “Available Today Only,” and quantity limits, such as “Only 7 Left!” Your ads will get much higher engagement if you can convince the audience to take action immediately.

These are just some of the things that you can do to increase the relevance of your Facebook ads. For more information, get in touch with Digital Squad, a leading Facebook marketing agency Auckland.

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