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Convert past website visitors into leads and customers

What Is Remarketing?

Retargeted ads remind website visitors and interested readers about your brand. When customers see your business for a second or third time online, they are more likely to make a purchase.

How Remarketing Works

Not every person who visits your website will make a purchase. These potential customers may visit your social media platforms or website for the first time without even knowing your company name. They may see your blog posts, an ad, or other types of content that looks promising, but aren’t in the position to move forward in the buyer’s journey…yet. Even if they do not leave their contact information or subscribe to your email list, we can still access crucial data on these visitors.

We collect the data visitors leave while interacting with your business and set up effective, personalized ads that speak directly to their interests and past behavior. This extra ad is often the push that buyers need to take action and further interact with your brand.

Where do remarketing ads show up?

Customers who have previously interacted with your business may not buy the first time. When we remarket to these customers, they will see your ads across the web as they continue to browse. These ads may show up on Google or on their social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) Remarketing through Google Adwords give you the chance to put your ads on over 2 million websites. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. With Digital Squad, these ads will appear and remind buyers of your business when they are ready to learn more (or make a purchase.)

2018 Remarketing Statistics

Remarketing is An Effective Digital Strategy

More Clicks

The average click-through-rate (CTR) of a retargeted ad (.7%) is ten times higher than the CTR of a display ad (.07%.)

Enjoyable Customer Experience

One in four customers enjoy seeing remarketed ads because they remind them of what they had been shopping for earlier.

Higher Conversion Rates

When retargeted ads reach customers who have abandoned their shopping carts, they are 26% more likely to return and make a purchase.

Increased Revenue

Three out of five customers who see remarketed ads will return to their shopping carts and add more products.

One in five marketing professionals have set aside a budget for remarketing campaigns. Take advantage of the opportunity to boost engagement and lead generation through remarketing.

What Remarketing means for your business

Remarketing efforts increase your chance of bringing readers and leads back to your website to purchase your product. When previous visitors revisit your website, they are more likely to:

Become familiar with your business and products
Drive traffic and engagement to your site
Leave contact information and other data to use for further marketing efforts
Make a purchase and increase revenue

Remarketing Enquiry

Put Your Trust in a Top Remarketing Agency

Digital Squad is a leader in SEO and digital marketing strategies throughout New Zealand. Our goals are based around generating high-quality leads for your business through SEO and remarketing campaigns.



Consultations with Remarketing Experts

In order to create a remarketing campaign that generates lost leads, we will have a consultation about your previous marketing efforts.



Data-Driven Retargeting

You may not know how much access your business has to a massive amount of data that can help your remarketing efforts. We are experts at collecting, analyzing, and applying this data to your campaign.



SEO-Remarketing Campaigns

Digital Squad is Auckland's leading SEO agency. We use detailed keyword research and SEO secrets to put your ads in front of readers at the moment they are ready to engage with you or purchase your products.



Monthly Reporting and Analytics

Remarketing doesn’t stop with your “second chance” ads to appeal to customers. We offer monthly reports with clients to continue improving and adapting your remarketing efforts to boost more online engagement and generate more leads.