Why is SEO so important?

The answer is attention!

If your business doesn’t appear on the first page of search results, you risk being ignored by prospective customers. The data is clear: companies on the first page of Google Search results capture 92% of all web traffic. The second by comparison catches a measly 5-7%, which is why the third page is a great place to hide a dead body- NO ONE EVER GOES THERE!

Our Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services help clients achieve first page rankings, fast. More importantly – we make sure your web page stays there using white hat SEO techniques that remain compliant with Google fluctuating algorithms.

Whether or not you’re aware, the game has changed when it comes to marketing. Businesses that adopt contemporary digital marketing strategies will WIN. Evolve or die, sink or swim; it’s that simple!

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Search Engine Optimisation Explained!

Pure white-hat, ethical SEO strategies with Guarantee against Google Penalty.

The unsettling fact is that a most New Zealand and Christchurch SEO companies use blackhat SEO tactics to get results. This is a highly risky practice that is frowned upon by Google and can lead to sites being permanently banned causing online businesses to literally shut down overnight.

At the Digital Squad, we invest an incredible amount of time on research to ensure we’re 100% compliant with Google Algorithm updates with our SEO practices. This enables us to provide all our clients with a very bold Guarantee against Google Penalty.

In addition, we’ve invested over 10,000 hours and counting in testing over 120 factors effecting SEO rankings to develop our best practice guides.

We’ve helped clients dominate rankings in months in hyper-competitive niches such as insurance, trades services, FMCG, technology and legal services.

With 100% white hat practices, our clients are assured results in short and long-term.

Our approach:

Digital Strategists will always dominate tacticians.

At the Digital Squad, we start every project with a 360-degree approach to your digital strategy. We focus on the short and long term return on investment (ROI) to design a digital solution to outrank your competitors online.

Honest, hardworking team with full transparency.

This is the standard we’ve set ourselves. We call it like it is, provide reports weekly and speak your language when explaining results. Call or email us anytime and speak directly to our team. No fluff, no passing the buck.

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Young, honest and super effective SEO Agency.

Google is near $100 billion search engine technology which is constantly changing to make results more relevant. Machine learning and AI will become the future and spammy SEO tactics are no longer effective.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) requires continual improvements to reflect Google Algorithm changes and a static approach is no longer effective. We’re passionate believers creating regular authentic content for your customers as being an integral part of our SEO campaign.

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Dominate your competition with SEO!

Are you losing customers to competitors who are savvier with their website or online marketing?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Tens of thousands of small to medium-sized business owners across New Zealand are going through the same. The common denominator is always a lack of understanding of internet marketing technologies and fear of change due.

Technical jargons such as SEO, Google Adwords and Social marketing mean nothing to your average business owner who has been around since the days of Yellow Pages (which is virtually extinct!).

If a business fails to evolve, it will be dominated by competitors who do.

That’s where we come in.

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Maximise and track ROI with Digital Squad 

“Unlike most agencies, we don’t hide behind smoke and mirrors, nor do we work on “what’s the least throttle this campaign needs to show some results” approach.

Our philosophy is simple – over deliver”  Founder, Shane Chand

Get your free SEO and digital marketing strategy session worth $499 NOW!

Why trust us with your SEO?

Our honest, down to earth, transparent approach to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and digital or search engine marketing (SEM) is different from most other SEO companies.

At the Digital Squad, we are focused on the long term. Every client we take onboard is a partner. Our success is predicated on yours.

Therefore, we only work with ONE client in their industry in a region.

Overview of our SEO Process:

Step 1

We start with an audit of your current website if you already one. We recommend allowing at least 2 hours for an in-depth consultation where we break down our SEO strategies in simple and plain language, answer all of your questions, ask you questions about your product or service, your sales process and your competition.

Step 2

We provide you with a quote usually within 24 hours outlining our SEO strategy, current SERP (Google search result) rankings, any issues we’ve discovered with your existing website.

Step 3

Once you’ve decided to come on board, we carry out a comprehensive on-page optimisation of your current site to ensure it is search engine friendly. Our design team can also do a complete design or re-design.

Step 4

Continual and on-going off-page optimisation, high-quality PR building done by our copywriting team. We can also work with you to create subject-matter expert publication, Youtube videos explaining your products and services to truly set you apart from your competition (plus over two dozen more steps which will help boost your rankings). Weekly reporting and catch up with your dedicated SEO manager to keep you updated on your campaign.

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