Introducing the New Google Sites (Who used old one?)

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Do you know what Google Sites is? …. Yeah I thought so, whether you are entrenched into Google’s ecosystem or not it is a web page creator that was launched 8 years ago which in Internet tech time means that its a grandpa.

The original goal of Google Sites was to make it easy for  anyone to create a website especially those who didn’t know HTML or have any background in web design. I thought of it as a page creator and I tried it once but never went back because of the limitations compared to creating your own site like the inability to use CSS, JavaScript or even the limited ability to use HTML.

A complete rebuild was announced earlier this year and is now available to everyone. The new Google Sites utilizes what Android are familiar with, Google’s Material Design aesthetics. This creates an entire new feel for Google Site’s making it look more modern and visual. The website building interface has been updated with Google saying that it is now as easy to create a website as it is to create a Google Doc.

In practice creating and editing a site is easier, giving users more options that empower them without making the process overly complex. The templates and layouts are all based on responsive design meaning no matter the screen size your web page will scale.

As a Google App “Sites” makes it dead simple to incorporate elements from other Google products and services like Google Drive, YouTube and or Maps. With the new version you can edit sites collaboratively at the same time which wasn’t remotely possible before.

One of the most requested features of those in the early adopter program for Google Sites was the inclusion of Google Analytics which will be standard on all sites created with the new Google Sites. This means you will be able to track engagement from visitors which you couldn’t do before.

One of the issues is that if you had an old Google Site though you are out of luck as they are not compatible with the new version. Don’t fear though because Google will provide options for migration in 2017.

So if you want a professional website, then Google Sites as it was or in its new incarnation was never going to cut it. The but is if you are deeply embedded in Google Apps and may want a simple website for a small group or team, don’t mind a few limitations, then the new Google Sites might fit the bill.

Pros Cons
All new Google Sites are based on Responsive Design Old Google sites are not compatible (Migration options to come in 2017)
Google Analytics on all new Sites Some features from the old Google Sites not supported
Easy to add content from G Apps
Multiple people can edit a site at the same time
Easy to use and modern interface

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