UGCs For Your Buyers To See

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It’s no secret that one of the best ways to increase your engagement on your social media channels is by using user-generated content. Despite this, many companies still forget  this tactic. When you consider that 60% of B2B entrepreneurs are involved in creating engaging content. As your number one promotional challenge, it’s shocking.

If you produce content related to your brand, chances are you’ve produced a lot of unique content, including blog posts, infographics, videos, and more. Creating content is labor intensive and time consuming, so it’s understandably disappointing while the end result doesn’t quite live up to expectations. The problem is usually how your target market interacts with your content. A LinkedIn survey found that relevant and engaging content that elicits a response ranked  best for connecting.

Ok, let’s dig deeper into the poll results. What are the benefits of user-generated content? First, relevance. This approach, ideas and content are generated to immediately address your interests, desires, needs and challenges. Below, captivating stories. When you involve your target market in the content creation process, your target market will automatically be interested in the narrative. I love it. This is due to the fact that they can multiply and value an experience of ownership. Therefore, using user-generated content will practically strengthen your relationship with your brand.

Well, what does your brand say? UGC generation has many advantages. First of all, and the only comment at the beginning, is of course the commitment. As we’ve researched, inviting your target market to participate will increase engagement. Then there are the website visitors. The campaign that mobilizes your target  market will drive your website visitors online and improve search engine marketing rankings.Third, we have divisibility. If your target market participates, there is a higher risk that they will provide the content  to boost your brand performance.   Another problem is that UGC sell originality. Because each target market will contribute from its own perspective. This gives the impression that your competition would not have had access. Evergreens, meaning they have a long shelf life and encourage targeted marketing campaign ideas.Finally, it is easy to deliver. Why? Well, that’s because your  target market does some of the heavy lifting of content production. It’s definitely a win-win situation, right?

Take an example from Chobani, a Greek yogurt brand that, in 2011, encouraged their audience to share their love through videos, photos, and comments on their social media platforms. The submitted content then was used in their marketing campaigns. This brand advocacy then resulted in a spectacular 225.9% year over year increase in sales. 

Now straight to the million dollar question; How can we create excellent user generated content material? It’s easy! Here are simple steps you can take to get your UGC campaign up and running;  

Identify Your Goal  

Identifying or expanding your goals in your UGC marketing campaign is critical. This is because unique goals lead to a unique way of running a marketing campaign. For example, a UGC marketing campaign designed for optimal performance would not work in the same way as the sole goal of getting as much excellent UGC as possible. Remember that your goal also depends on what  level of business you are at. Say you’re just starting out or  launching an entirely new product,  your goal might be awareness.

Plan Your Strategy

The key to this step is to add your content to your target  market as cleanly as possible in all your media platforms. Plus, now it’s not that hard:

  • Create a branded hashtag and make sure it’s memorable and easy to remember. 
  • Provide an incentive or prize. It doesn’t have to be fancy; Just make sure it entices everyone to get involved.
  • Set the phrases consisting of the duration of the marketing campaign and the details of the award. Explain to your target market exactly how they might participate. Add these stats to your website or social media post.
  • Inform your buyers about the initiative in as many ways as possible.

It’s not difficult, right? Now once the UGC roll in, take the time to go through and choose the best ones so you can use them in your future campaigns. If you’ve put user-generated content to work but you’re still feeling stuck with your content, Digital Squad New Zealand are always happy to help. Just reach out to us for more guidance!

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