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What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

CRO is often an obstacle for businesses.

Only 22% of businesses are happy with their conversion rates, but the rest don’t always know where they would begin to increase conversion in the first place. Three out of four businesses report struggles optimizing their landing page copy. Almost one in two businesses (48%) are not testing their landing pages to gather data and increase conversion.

CRO is a very young industry, but has huge potential for the businesses that make it a priority. At the moment, any effort toward increasing conversion rates can put you above your competition. Be a leader in your industry and optimize your conversion rate with Digital Squad. We are a leading CRO agency with the tools and experience you need to get a higher rate of converted leads and clicks.

How does CRO work?

CRO can be achieved in a variety of tactics, based on the current state of your website traffic and marketing strategies. A/B Testing and analysis are two general keys to CRO, but the smallest changes can make the biggest difference to your website visitors and leads. When you partner with Digital Squad, you can closely evaluate what CRO tactics will be most appropriate for your business.

2018 Remarketing Statistics

Why CRO is essential

Greater ROI from CRO

CRO tools have an average ROI of 223%.

Higher Conversion Rates

Average conversion rate is around 2.5%. However, top 10% companies are seeing conversion rates between 10-15%.

A/B Testing Matters

44% of companies use split testing software.

Poor Conversion is Common

Only about 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.

One in five marketing professionals have set aside a budget for remarketing campaigns. Take advantage of the opportunity to boost engagement and lead generation through remarketing.

What CRO can do for your business

The goal of CRO is to convert more leads into customers, and more clicks into purchases. CRO doesn’t just affect your conversion rate: your business will see more revenue, a higher ROI, and by optimising your conversion rate.

Become familiar with your business and products
Drive traffic and engagement to your site
Leave contact information and other data to use for further marketing efforts
Make a purchase and increase revenue

CRO Enquiry

How Digital Squad Can Increase Your CRO

CRO is still relatively new in the world of digital marketing, but this trend is only becoming more important for digital marketers. Digital Squad is a leading CRO agency, providing key insights and strategies for businesses in Australia and New Zealand.



In-Depth Consultation and Goal Setting

In order to create the best CRO strategies for your business, we will have to evaluate your current standings, overall marketing strategy, and goals. Before Digital Squad takes action, we will have an in-depth consultation to discuss your business, your buyers, and your big plans for the future.



Conversion Tracking

You may have more access to data than you think. We take the data you have collected and evaluate what is causing your current conversions. A thorough site audit and evaluation will reveal typical customer behavior and how it is influenced by your current marketing strategies. Tracking conversion tells us what strategies to continue, and what strategies to adjust or improve for a higher conversion rate.<br />



Data Analysis

A/B testing (also known as split testing) allows marketers to send two versions of the same copy or design out to a small sample of customers to see which brings in more clicks, leads, or purchases. The two versions could be two similar call-to-action buttons or different email subject lines. One or two words can make a large difference in conversion; after conducting A/B testing, marketers can be more confident in the version that will increase conversion rates



A/B Testing

Conducting A/B tests can reveal crucial information about lead behavior, but other types of testing and analysis are more appropriate for different businesses based on their size, current standings, and future goals. In our consultations, we will discuss what testing methods are available for your business and how potential testing can be used to optimize your website and current marketing efforts.



Strategic Investing

Watching and following the customer journey is a top CRO strategy; this process reveals much about your customers and how they make purchase decisions. Products or pages with high conversion rates should be promoted, not ignored. After evaluating which factors yield a high conversion rate, we will consult with your business about where you are investing your funding and marketing budget. Investing more into effective tactics will help to boost your conversion rate even higher, increase your ROI, and bring in more revenue.



Consistent Analysis and Reporting

The world of digital marketing is always changing. Digital Squad aims to see long-term success for all of our clients. Each client is a partner. We track monthly progress and send reports that help you understand and improve your conversion rate as your business continues to grow.