Programmatic Advertising

60% of Google’s digital ad spend shifts to programmatic advertising, the future of advertising online.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the term used to describe the buying and selling of digital ad space. It offers automated efficiency, precise targeting, and data-driven optimisation compared to the manual and less precise process of direct buying.

Forrester Research predicts that a significant majority of all digital advertising spending will be programmatic over the next few years. At first, programmatic advertising may seem like a confusing and complex concept, but when it is implemented effectively, it can simplify the process of bidding for ad placements, which not only improves campaign performance but is also cost-effective.

As an award-winning agency, Digital Squad has been at the forefront of Programmatic Advertising, staying up-to-date with trends and developing new strategies that yield positive outcomes. Our expertise in this field empowers your business to harness the full potential of programmatic advertising, delivering results that boost your campaign performance and drive conversions.

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Why Programmatic Advertising is a Wise Strategy


Programmatic digital display advertising makes up over 90% of all ad spending. It offers efficient, data-driven targeting, real-time optimization, and cost-effective ad placements, resulting in increased campaign performance and ROI.

Increased Efficiency

An automated system like programmatic advertising reduces the need for manual intervention, leading to more efficient ad placements and cost savings.

Multiple Ad Formats at Scale

The breadth of ad formats available through Programmatic Advertising is growing, with more mobile, video and audio options.

Keep Up with Digital Trends

Google has set its sights on a 60% digital ad spend shift to programmatic advertising in the near future which means advertisers, digital marketing agencies, and publishers alike are likely to maximise this strategy.

Overall, programmatic advertising offers a powerful way to advertise in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Its major growth has cemented its position as the most important method of digital trading going forward. To ensure your business stays ahead of the competition, we recommend familiarising yourself with the platform now.

How Programmatic Advertising Works

Programmatic Advertising is the automated buying and selling of digital ad space, also known as digital advertising.

By automating certain processes, transactions have become more effective and efficient. Programmatic Advertising can further simplify digital campaigns by consolidating digital advertising efforts into one technology platform. In recent years, programmatic platforms have been growing their inventory and databases so that any ad format on any channel can be purchased programmatically; this includes mobile, desktop, tablet, audio, digital outdoor advertising and connected TV.

Data & Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising uses advanced targeting tactics to segment audiences using data. This means that advertisers are delivering ads to the right people at the right time. With developed algorithms in place, the optimisation process is more efficient and time to market is reduced.

Another benefit of Programmatic Advertising is that it gathers and analyses data in real time. Advertisers can now get insights and adjust ads while a campaign is running. This also ensures advertisers don’t have to wait until a campaign is finished to establish the result.


What Programmatic Advertising Does For Your Business

Faster reporting times and limitless data are the key benefits of programmatic buying. It is also faster, more efficient, and less expensive than traditional methods of purchasing ads. While it may be a relatively new concept for some, there are several reasons to adopt Programmatic Advertising in your digital strategy now.


Programmatic Advertising provides transparency in digital spending that marketers and advertisers can’t get from traditional advertising.


The technology and algorithms behind Programmatic Advertising give advertisers the ability to directly target their ideal audience.


Programmatic Advertising gives marketers the ability to measure exactly how a creative design, campaign, or targeting is performing as soon as the campaign is launched.


Due to its nature of reducing the need for manual intervention, Programmatic Advertising greatly improves the overall efficiency of digital advertising.

Leave Your Programmatic Advertising Campaign to Experts

Digital Squad is a cutting-edge and innovative digital marketing agency with expertise in developing and implementing successful online marketing strategies for clients. We demonstrate industry knowledge in using Programmatic Advertising to its full potential. We are also results-driven, with a key metric of boosting revenue for our clients. Here is our approach to a successful Programmatic Advertising campaign:



Set Campaign Goals

The first step in setting up a Programmatic Advertising campaign is to have a comprehensive consultation with our client, where we identify campaign goals and outline how we will achieve them. In this consultation, we will also discuss which sites to show ads on, contextual targeting, audience data and campaign security.



Collect Audience Data

Audience data is critical to a Programmatic Advertising campaign. The more data we have, the more effective a campaign will be. We will use demographic data to segment the audience. We also review previous campaigns to identify the most successful keywords and placements that resonate with the target audience, or audiences, for driving conversions.



Technical Set-Up

A key part of a Programmatic Advertising campaign is to ensure all tags are set up and working correctly. In addition, we have to ensure all remarketing pixels and other technical elements have been placed correctly and are collecting audience information. Once this has been implemented effectively, we can set the campaign-specific parameters like budget, flighting, and frequency caps.



Campaign Testing

Between contextual targeting and audience targeting, there are a variety of opportunities to test Programmatic Advertising campaigns. We use A/B testing based on competitive data targets to see what is performing best, considering purchase intent as well as conversions.



Campaign Optimisation

As with all digital marketing strategies, optimising the campaign is vital. We assess which strategies are working and which are not. We also identify which strategies lead to important metrics such as conversions, CTR and viewability. Looking at each strategy individually, we evaluate how it is contributing to the campaign and how it could perform better to optimise the entire campaign performance.



Campaign Reporting

At Digital Squad, we are committed to generating results for our clients. We provide a monthly report on all campaigns that we run which outlines the key performance metrics for the campaign. We ensure all data is reported in an easy-to-read format so that clients have a comprehensive understanding of overall performance.

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    Programmatic Advertising FAQs

    Programmatic advertising refers to the automated process of buying and selling digital ad space. It uses data-driven optimisation and precise targeting to streamline ad placement compared to traditional manual methods.

    Programmatic advertising automates the buying and selling of digital ad space. It uses algorithms and data to target the right audience at the right time, across various digital channels such as mobile, desktop, video, audio, and more.

    Programmatic advertising offers several benefits, including increased efficiency, cost savings, transparency in digital spending, precise audience targeting, and real-time measurement of campaign performance.

    Programmatic advertising offers real-time reporting and measurement. Key performance metrics such as conversions, click-through rates (CTR), and viewability are tracked, allowing advertisers to assess campaign effectiveness.

    Setting up a programmatic advertising campaign involves several steps, including defining campaign goals, collecting audience data, technical set-up (tags, pixels, etc.), campaign testing, optimisation, and comprehensive reporting.

    Leading programmatic advertising agencies like Digital Squad have expertise in developing and implementing successful campaigns. Our award-winning agency can help you define goals, collect audience data, set up technical elements, conduct testing, optimise campaigns, and provide clear, easy-to-understand monthly reports to ensure your campaign’s success.